How to Help Free Nancy


Your Donation of any size can make all the difference for gaining justice to Nancy and thousands of Nancys like her!!




Nancy’s case is represented by David J. Beauvais, who has assembled an impressive legal team, and we are heading back to court after our victory on November 30 in the Sixth District Court of Appeal.


Mr. Beauvais is accepting donations to his trust account for Nancy’s legal fund. In order to continue this fight, we will need more money for Mr. Beauvais for his legal costs.  Mr. Beauvais and his legal team have agreed to work without pay until this case is won, but they are seeking money for reporters and trial costs. 


Any amount large or small will make a difference:  $10, $20, $50, $100.  It all adds up to help Nancy.

Send direct secure donations by mail to:

David J. Beauvais, Esq.

Law Office of David J. Beauvais

1904 Franklin St., Suite 800

Oakland, CA 94612-2915

Tel: (510) 832-3605


Contact us for questions or comments:

Jeffrey & Elsie Golin

(650) 518-2850










Donate securely through Paypal by following this link!



Please note:  Because we are solely focused on rescuing Nancy and freeing her from State custody at this time, we are not a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.  


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