Text Box: Today is December 20, 2010
Nancy is 40 years old
9 years, 1/2 months held captive in state custody
9 years of unjustified supervised visitation with parents
4+ mandatory judicial reviews skipped by court
8 yearly planning (IPP) meetings held by SARC with no Lanterman-required family participation

One day, in November of 2001, Nancy Golin merely wandered off from her parents, in the blink of an eye.  Her parents reported her disappearance within a few minutes to police and went out all night with police searching for her, fearing abduction.  Police were unable to find her, but when she found her way back the next morning on her own no worse for wear to her utter delight and that of her parents, police decided to tell her parents they were merely sending her to the hospital for a welfare check, but then instead locked her up in a Stanford psych ward for mental patients where she was severely abused and injured, and suffered medical malpractice.  

Psych doctors, misguided by police and deprived of her medical history, slashed her anti-seizure medications sending her into a severe bout of seizures. A neurology consult was called that restored her medication to the right levels that the parents had been administering under her regular neurologist's supervision. When the hospital discovered its mistake and could find nothing wrong with her Text Box: THE GOLINS ARE NOT ALONE IN THEIR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE AND THE RIGHTS OF VICTIMS OF GUARDIANSHIP
 	CBS NEWS INVESTIGATES GUARDIANSHIP ABUSE, Re-port by Katie Couric, December 10, 2010 – Nationwide!
 	CNN Reports on October 2010 GAO Report, damning but merely scratches the surface.
 	“My Soul To Keep” Documentary YouTube Nursing Home Abuse
 	Part I, Part II  2004: From Napa Sentinel, two part inves-tigative series by publisher Harry V. Martin 
 	Report of General Accounting Office to Senate Committee on Aging, Herb Kohl chm. on GAO investigation of guardianship abuse nationwide.  Barely scratches surface because it only investigates closed cases, and almost all guardianships are never closed, but is damning enough nevertheless.
and wanted to discharge her, that she had been in good condition and didn't belong in a psych ward, she should have been allowed to return home, but the state officials that harmed her and violated her rights decided instead to cover up their misdeeds for fear of a lawsuit and to justify their mistake. Nancy was never again allowed to return home to her family. Right before she was discharged from Stanford Text Box: BEFORE
(Above): Nancy returning from being lost looking healthy, happy and playful and glad to be reunited, standing straight, police photo on 11/15/01 just before police kidnapping, father on extreme left bringing food, a brief joyful reunion shattered by police misconduct
Hospital psychiatric ward, where Nancy had been reported climbing into the beds of other patients and eating off their dishes, there was an event so serious that three days of hospital records disappeared and a panic meeting by phone occurred between Risk Management, the police, SARC and APS officials. Because the laws do not allow the state to simply grab someone off the street and put them away unless there is some possible form of treatment, there was no legal way to keep holding her. Local officials confessed on record that they "wished to avoid court if at all possible", because they might lose. State lawyers declined to secretly push through an immediate petition to conserve Nancy, advising local officials to get the DA to find something to charge the parents with instead.

Determined to keep holding her anyway in spite of the law, state officials conspired with the local DA's office to have the parents maliciously prosecuted on trumped up charges, and spirited her away to a secret state hideout as if she had been abandoned, and forged her name to consent papers. Even the newspapers couldn't find her. From there the state's legal liability problems went from bad to worse and the cover-up merely intensified at each step in response.

When the police saw the articles in the Palo Alto Daily News, Regional Center and APS officials panicked and faxed false and slanderous misinformation about the parents to the newspaper, trying to portray them as career criminals, even going so far as the bizarre claim that Mrs. Golin had once committed an assault on a police officer. APS's Chief Jamie Buckmaster even invented fictional witnesses in her official records making deplorable allegations that they had had conversations with Nancy only a few years ago [implying she was developmentally disabled due to abuse] Buckmaster apparently has concocted other lies too; a newspaper reporter told us that Buckmaster had told her we'd locked Nancy in a closet!. The reporter at the Daily News told the parents that she was naturally shocked at hearing that Nancy had been kept locked in a closet when she was little (but not as shocked as the parents were when they heard this outrageous lie for the first time), and refused to hear them when they told her that it was a pure fantasy, and that there was absolutely no evidence to support such a Text Box: Above, Nancy's fingernail is discov-ered ripped off during APS supervised visit, APS head rushes over to stop abuse reportlie, because it never happened. The parents later discovered that a social worker that they had never heard of named Talia Shire had written this in the APS records and there it remained without any refutation. The mere fact that a corrupt official said it was true and wrote it in their records was enough to convict the parents in this reporter's mind, and she refused to print any more sympathetic stories.  

They then used this to have the Golins falsely arrested on $50k felony warrants, trying to shut them up and incapacitate them. They were both charged with felony dependent adult abuse.  Nancy was thus effectively kidnapped under color of law by state officials. The parents were held Text Box: The Truth about the Official "Big Lie" Technique
Jamie Buckmaster, Tucker Liske, Malorie Street and Det. Lorie Kratzer are among 14 defendants being sued by Nancy and her parents for slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress in State Court in a civil rights lawsuit. The case is pending.  They have never once formally retracted, or defended, their falsifica-tions, or ever once bothered to present a single shred of evidence to support their slanderous lies or refute the true facts in any of their briefs. When confronted on the witness stand in state court, Kratzer refused to reallege any of them, and Buckmaster declined to testify as scheduled.

overnight before they made bail. After Mrs. Golin was bailed out they still refused to release her, rushing a nurse to the jail, summoned by a prominent local attorney at the jail well known in probate court, to try to have her held further on a psychiatric evaluation, claiming that she was gravely disabled and unable to care for herself despite her obvious assets, claiming her disclosure of a recent small inheritance from her father was merely a delusional belief challenging her to disclose where she kept her cash, what bank accounts she used, to "prove" that she was not delusional. When Mrs. Golin wisely refused to reveal this, several guards suddenly jumped her and put her in shackles, leg irons and chains and marched her back and forth all night, while her blood pressure shot up to 200/120. Finally a psychiatrist examined her the next day and found her quite rational and she was released, and the parents went back to work on a contract they had started. Upon being released she found that $2,000 in cash she had on her when she was taken into custody was gone.

The parents' doctor Jerold Kaplan wrote a letter which was sent to the DA (page 1, page 2) explaining that there were no grounds for any such claim of abuse but it was abuse to separate her from her parents, Text Box: AFTER
(Left): Nancy looking miserable, very abused at visit supervised by APS, crying, APS to parents: NO QUESTIONS!
but the DA still refused to drop the charges for over 14 month, to help the state disqualify her parents as conservators. The state proceeded in secret to apply for conservatorship of Nancy without telling her parents, claiming they could not find them because supposedly they were in jail for abusing her, even though they knew the parents were seeing her every week. Four months into secret conservatorship proceedings the probate court ordered the state officials to find the parents and serve them. The alerted parents fought back and filed their own petition to conserve her in opposition. Fourteen months after Nancy was snatched by the state, the DA admitted he had no case when he couldn't specify any charges and the parents were fully exonerated just before their criminal trial was set to begin.

In the meantime, the criminal court at the request of State officials had ordered that the parents could only see Nancy one hour a week under close supervison, fearing that lack of supervision might lead to damaging discoveries, and preferring to maintain the appearance that the parents were somehow dangerous to her without explaining how. When the parents first saw her after she was taken away she looked heavily drugged and molested.  The state officials refused to tell the parents anything and oddly this most conspicuous behavior was always ignored in psych notes. When the parents tried to report the signs of abuse to the DA, and he announced an inspection to see her, her caregivers attempted to subject her to "behavior modification" to stop her from exhibiting the incriminating behavior before the DA could see it, and things went out of control.  Nancy was severely injured and later it was found that her collarbone was broken and not reported or treated, exactly that same time period estimated by orthopedic expert Nguyen, when the parents saw her with her left shoulder and arm twisted. Abuse in state care is not reported, because APS and CPS, the agencies responsible for overseeing reporting of abuse in parental care, actually work with police to prevent such reports when in state care, in a conspiracy of silence Text Box: AFTER
(Left) Nancy the week the DA came to check on reported signs of abuse by APS and SARC, she isn't clutching herself with her left hand anymore and her left shoulder appears to be twisted, right at same time orthopedic expert says she suffered unreported collarbone frac-ture
akin to prison guards. Nancy repeatedly begged her parents to take her home with them by trying to pull them out the door with her or selecting her father's car key out of his pocket and giving it to him, as she had always done to ask to be taken out.

Meanwhile, Nancy was severely abused and injured in state care, making it even harder for the state to let her go because of their fear of a lawsuit, and their greed. An unprofessional temporary conservator was appointed, who ended up doing more harm than good, even though the extent of Nancy's abuse and injuries came to light. Finally the parents were exonerated of criminal charges, but instead of letting Nancy go home, the state insisted on staging a trial in probate court to try to whitewash their liability, and they took temporary conservatorship of her meanwhile and put her back on the lethal psych drugs. They warehoused her in the same abusive home where she had already suffered, appointed an adversarial public defender who acted as a prosecutor, not a defender, to railroad her and fend off a jury trial, and the drugs immediately caused her to have terrible seizures which ended up putting her in the hospital in grave condition.  The probate court helped cover up her serious condition, in league with the state. The court would not permit the parents to get rid of her and hire a private attorney to represent Nancy honestly, even though they could afford it.

Before all this happened, in June of 2001 while Nancy was still living at home, during a stay at Alta Bates hospital for an unrelated problem, it had been discovered that Nancy had a mild hiatal hernia Text Box: AFTER
(Above) Nancy when first seen at APS supervised visits four months after being kidnapped.  All bent over from waist constantly clutching her privates. Strange no psychia-trist or psychologist notes this most conspicuous new behavior although it never stops. Golins asked, “why is she doing that?” Told, ask their lawyers, and if they ask any questions the visit is terminated!
and esophageal damage requiring treatment. This finally uncovered the root cause for so many prior Text Box: (Left) Collarbone fracture, dislocated shoulder? Experts say, yes, Judge Martin says, no! Protection?ER visits to Stanford that Stanford ER doctors declined for years to investigate.

Her mother followed the treatment and the condition reversed so well that it could not be detected by a state doctor in 2002 after Nancy was snatched by the State. This state doctor was not allowed by SARC to have Nancy's past medical records and so did not realize the necessity of continuing to treat it, and subsequently the condition grew much worse.

Her old GI problem, untreated in state care, was further seriously aggravated by the State's routine use of the psychiatric medications such as Risperdal and Zyprexa, medications that Nancy had never had before when she was living at home and didn't need because they are FDA listed for schizophrenia only and not for developmental disability. Caregivers liked them because it made her easier to watch when ordinarily lively Nancy was kept in a comatose state locked in her room at the state's hideout. Caregivers brought her to a psychiatrist Dr. Hector Cerezo lying about her behavior to get her prescribed on these drugs, misinforming him that there was supposedly no medical history on her [to cover up Nancy's past history of excellent care] because the parents were supposedly in jail for abusing her [her parents were seeing her every week and had never abused her and were not in jail] and that she had been prescribed such medications before [also not true]. Use of these medications are specifically cautioned against by the drug manufacturers when a person, like Nancy, has a pre-existing seizure condition, because as her psychiatrist Cerezo testified at trial they "lower seizure thresholds", meaning that her seizures are much harder to control under medication. But home aides "forgot" to tell Cerezo that she had a seizure condition and was taking Phenobarbital and Dilantin, both interferences for Risperdal because they wanted the drugs.

Thus her seizure episodes on psychiatric drugs administered at her aides discretion became out of control. The Text Box: WHAT CONSERVATORSHIP MEANS
See How Conservatorships Legally Abuse and Kill Helpless, Blocking Justice; State Vendors Reap Huge Benefits at State Ex-pense in Cozy Arrangements!
State vendors made a lifelong prisoner and State/Federal-cash cow out of Nancy on 11/18/03 SO THEY COULD CONTINUE THEIR ILLEGAL ABUSE AND TORMENT WITHOUT FEAR OF A LAWSUIT when the Martin probate court ordered six out of seven of her possible civil and legal rights stripped from her [and her family], granting them to the State acting through its Regional Center vendor, "for an indefinite period" and "without limitation":
1.  "Full power to fix the residence or specific dwelling of the limited conservatee"
[Nancy is a prisoner, must live wherever the State says, and cannot go home; State vendors reap huge funding benefit at UNNECESSARY State/Federal cost].
2. "Full power to consent, refuse consent, or otherwise control access to the confidential records and papers of the limited conservatee;" 
[Nancy's medical records showing abuse or neglect are 'top secret', and her doctors and home aides may not talk to anyone]
3. "Full power to control the limited conservatee's right to contract" 
[Nancy cannot sue, or switch attorneys; she cannot be seen by other attorneys or advocates; her parents (arguably) have no standing to represent her in court; the state can threaten anyone that opposes them such as a newspaper with a libel suit, supposedly on Nancy's behalf; the state can give her "consent" to involuntary treatment or residence]
4. "Exclusive authority to give or withhold consent for and to require the limited conservatee to receive medical treatment, in accordance with section 2355 of the Probate Code" 
[State can choose sub-standard doctors who ration care and cover up grave conditions; parents cannot object to poor care; Nancy's parents cannot take her to a doctor for treatment or to find what her condition is.]
5. "Full power to control the limited conservatee's social and sexual contacts and relationships" 
[Nancy cannot see her parents or friends unless the state specially allows; parents visits may be required "supervised" for no good reason]
6. "Full power to make all decisions concerning the habilitation and education of the limited conservatee." 
[Nancy activities are controlled; must go to a state day program that gives lucrative federal and state funding benefits to numerous state vendors; cannot be taken out even if they abuse or injure her]

explosive internal pressures of the resulting convulsions caused bleeding rips in her lower esophagus, made her hiatal hernia much worse, and caused her to throw up blood and her esophageal lining, and caused gastric reflux disorder which ordinarily quickly leads to cancer.  To cover up what was happening rather than take her to the hospital, the state conservators ordered the terrified home aides to deny her emergency treatment, even after she was turning blue and close to death. Then they covered up the records of emergency hospitalizations putting her in various hospitals in secret without notifying her parents, in order to limit their civil and criminal exposure. About that same time Nancy was taken to an ER for a skull fracture and broken thigh. When legal subpoenas were issued to obtain discovery of her condition, public defender Street, who was supposedly representing Nancy, called around directing everyone not to comply with revelations of state abuse of her client using the excuse of privacy, and successfully fought to have the parents' motions to compel discovery quashed by the probate court, even when the parents showed that she was in grave condition and injured due to the drugging. Street sought to make the parents sound crazy and impair their credibility to the court for actually knowing more than ordinary knowledge about these disorders, citing the fact that they were not doctors and therefore were not permitted to know anything about them. The parents merely had studied them on their own and knew the consequences of these disorders. The state doctors were ordered not to talk to anyone about her condition. Poor Nancy cannot speak or complain and is thus a perfect victim of state abuse. Anyone else but the state would have been easily prosecuted criminally for this abuse.

A probate trial was finally held to determine whether the parents or the state should conserve Nancy, and the parents found themselves confronted with the full panoply of state power and manipulation. The parents were denied their statutory and constitutional family preference. They were denied discovery, with the state maintaining a stranglehold Text Box: “PLEASE, DADDY, I WANT TO GO HOME!”
(Left) Nancy getting father's car keys out during APS su-pervised visits. Nancy: ('let's go, dad') Aide seen blocking door at rear. Below, sitting on father's lap fondling car keys to freedom again
on the evidence and access to Nancy. The parents didn't have an attorney. The judge kept out evidence and witnesses. The parents were forced to go up against a high powered corporate defense attorney. Their demand for a jury trial was denied. The judge kept cutting off testimony. Witnesses and evidence was kept out.  The judge said Nancy's collarbone really wasn't broken and her arm wasn't really out of its socket in the x-rays even though the orthopedic expert said it was and the x-rays show it so clearly that even a lay person can see it. He said that a black eye and cut on her eyelid seen on a visit "didn't rise to the level of abuse" in state care! He would not let her GI doctor testify because if he had it would have revealed that Nancy now had a lifethreatening esophageal disorder due to state medical incompetence and drugging. A MediCal billing for an ER visit for a skull fracture and broken femur was left unexplained, during a two month period when visits were "coincidentally" curtailed. The transcripts were doctored taking out anything damaging to the state case or helpful to the parents on appeal. It was not a fair trial.  

Despite the parents excellent efforts at holding their own and impeaching state witnesses, defending themselves and incriminating the state with hard evidence, favorable witnesses and solid legal arguments, the probate court ignored their testimony, demonstrating its institutional bias and appointed the same state agents who had so severely abused Nancy as her conservator. The court whitewashed what the state had done and reached preposterous findings of supposed "abuse and neglect" that never happened against the parents that defied all reason and the admitted evidence. Judge William F. Martin riddled Mrs. Golin with contempt for her "lofty standards" for doctors, and for knowing more than she was supposed to without Text Box: (Left) Black eye and cut eyelid seen at visit, no explanation.  It's a real shiner. Judge Martin not impressed: 'Does not rise to level of "abuse" in state care? Abuse in State Care??
 What if a parent had done this? 
having gotten a medical degree, her interest in alternative medical approaches, for her supposed distrust of conventional authority and an imagined inability to get along with doctors, for informing herself about drug reactions and treatments on the Internet, all ridiculous distortions of reality. The parents were only able to see their daughter for a few short hours and supervised visitation was imposed despite the absence of any statutory or case authority in probate for to support it. The parents applied to the probate court for a rehearing showing evidence from the trial and were ignored. They attempted to challenge the judge peremptorily and for bias and were defeated.

The parents appealed in state court but their appeal was headed off before the state appeals court ever saw any evidence or briefs, and the California Supreme Court denied review. They went to the US Supreme Court which denied certiorari. They went to the federal court for a writ of habeas corpus but they were denied standing to represent their own daughter. They appealed that decision to the US Circuit Court, Ninth Circuit, and lost because they were unable to get the Certificate of Appealability that the Congress has now imposed since the Habeas "reform" laws of 1998, designed to make it harder for terrorists and murderers to get a writ of habeas corpus in federal court. They appealed that to the US Supreme Court at the same time and lost their bid for certiorari.

VIDEO #1:  Watch a video of very disappointed Nancy having to be pried out by her parents from their van to be returned to her group home at the end of a very happy visit.  She thought they had come to rescue her again, and this time finally take her home. Nancy tries so hard to please her parents so that they will take her home, not understanding why they fail to rescue her. Don't they love her anymore? The parents are shown here being forced to appear to reject Nancy, and participate in infliction of emotional distress of a daughter they have always been kind to before, over and over. Judge Martin was shown this video and it had no effect on him.

VIDEO #2:  Watch a video of Nancy displaying constant involuntary rhythmic lip movements clearly displaying signs of deadly tardive dyskinesia from drugging in 2002.  She also had tremors and lip thrusting. It also shows her obsessively tying and untying her shoelaces, slowly being driven crazy. Judge Martin was shown this video and said he didn't see any signs of this condition. Can you see it? The psychiatrist Hector Cerezo who prescribed this when her caregivers misinformed him about Nancy's history, when informed of it, exclaimed, "Oh my God, nobody told Text Box: Nancy in severe pain from drugging injuries on 3/1/02 after being con-served by state on 2/4/02 and just before going back to hospital in serious condition with esophageal ruptures, throwing up her esophageal lining and from uncontrolled seizures, photographed during wel-fare check by parents, the state then denied discovery by her "attorney" Street lied and covered up her real condition with aid of court.me about that, get her off that stuff right away". He testified at trial that failure to do so might result in death or permanent disability. She was removed from it for two months, after which the state took temporary conservatorship on 2/4/03 on the excuse by Public Defender Malorie Street that she needed to be put back on those drugs for her supposed benefit.  Two weeks later on 2/20/03 she was in the hospital in serious condition resulting from these drugs, and again a week after that on 3/1/03. Then the state covered up these events and denied discovery, again supported by Nancy's court appointed "attorney".

VIDEO #3: Another video showing involuntary lip pursing.


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