Epileptic woman survived CPS atrocities in her youth. (6/10/05)

I myself am epileptic, and in my child age years was exposed to State warehousing, enabled by a then (1971) very discriminatory law. I was warehoused for fifteen months, by my deceptive parents request to the courts, to enable them to steal my ITF disability monies & a radio winning. I was forced to take mind-altering medications, given shots, subjected to electric shock treatments  and came close to having a lobotomy (part of  brain removed) and sterilization. There was no legal investigation on my behalf then, and still to this date the juvenile age, legally enabled history is detailed against me, along with a non-verifiable medical diagnosis made ONLY by Child Protective Services. I do have the medical papers of my experience that took place when I was innocently sixteen years of age. 


The request to the courts in 1971 was made independently by my father’s criminally deceptive wife…my ITF Representative Payee.  She was an alcoholic & drug addict. She committed deceptive crimes against my father. She had been recently fired from her employment for embezzlement. She was affected by Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome.  She initiated a violent crime in 1988 against my child and myself for which I as a disabled person was convicted, credited to no investigation by the authorities or courts. 


Laurie Weist