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Volume 21, NO. 1222
July 15, 2005
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by Dee Kilbaraberry (e-mail)

How can any one think that this is ok??? This makes me friggen’ sick all you idiots out there who think that these trolls (adult family services child protection) won’t do it to you then you are so wrong and you all better wake up soon or this will happen to you.

Bureaucracy kills a lot of children and young people. Any child injured in foster care or by a governmental agency is removed from their parents permanently and termination of parental rights is inevitable. Same scenario in all cases, the parents are blamed to cover the damage done by the agency, even if they have to lie on the witness stand to accomplish that goal. The transcript of my son's termination hearing clearly shows the caseworker caught in two lies, but that made no difference. My grandson suffers permanent brain damage after being nearly murdered by a foster mother. They told my son that if we filed a lawsuit, it would do us no good because they would have control of the money. We'll see.






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