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Links to stories:

v     San Francisco Chronicle, Edward Lempinen and Reynolds Holding, 1997

·        “Agencies for disabled in disarray:  State slow to respond to mismanagement, fiscal woes”

·        “State Director of Disabled Quits
Financial management under fire”

·        Group Home Transfer Harmed His Child

·         State's Care Of Disabled Assailed
Panel hears critics of group homes

v      “Stolen Lives”, from AARP Magazine

v      California Lawyer, "Guardian Angels"

v       State yanks 12-year-old cancer victim from parents

v      Mother, boy in hiding, authorities want to force treatment

v      chemotherapy

v      Guardians for Profit, LA Times series, corruption in the State’s Guardianship and Conservatorship system

v      Judicial Corruption Exposed in Santa Clara County, New Five Part Mercury News Investigation, “Tainted Trials, Stolen Justice”.

v      Coverup by Pharmaceutical Companies of Proven Links between Autism and Mercury in Childhood Vaccinations, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of Environmental Resources Defense Council.…also, Rolling Stones coverage

Links to Affiliated Associations and Sites:

v      American Family Rights Association

v      National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse

v     Reliable Answers.com

v     AFRA Expose

v      Justice for Florida Seniors

v      Victims of Guardians (Lori Duboys)

v     Grandparents for Childrens’ Rights

v     Abusive Guardianships (Elaine Renoir)

v     Partnership for Medical Ethics Reform (Pamela Hennessy)

v     American Association of People With Disabilities

v     Wendy Ferrari

v     Mary and Grace Connors


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